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Thursday, November 27, 2008

That Old Meeting Place Episode 4

Scene 1 ( Room)

Senora Scarleta: My daughter Thalia, I am so disappointed in you. You have disobeyed me.

Thalia : But mommy...

Senora Scarleta: Of all people it was my friend Paquita who saw you! She is very gossipy! She will tell all my friends that we are mixing with poor people.

Thalia: But mommy I want him to be my friend.

Senora Scarleta: No, my daughter. Because of what you did you are grounded and will stay grounded until you realize that I am right.

Thalia: Yes mommy. ( to herself) I will miss Balugz.

Scene 2 ( Garden)

Britney: Poor Thalia, even if I didn't tell mommy about her seeing Balugz , mommy's friend did.
Balugz might be waiting for her. I feel so sorry for Thalia. Should I come see Balugz and tell him? But I don't want to come near that boy. Let's see.

Scene 3 (Room)

Aunti Icy: Thalia, please try to understand your mommy. She is only thinking of your own good.

Thalia: Auntie, I don't understand what is wrong with becoming friends with Balugz.

Aunt Icy: We don't know him. You might get into trouble.

Thalia: He is a nice boy Auntie. If you want, I can introduce you to him.

Aunt Icy: That would be a good idea. Let's do that.

Thalia: Really Auntie? You are really very nice Auntie.

Aunt Icy: I just want you to be happy all the time.

Scene 4 ( Bus Stop)

Britney: Hey boy!

Balugz: Hey Matutina!

Scene 5 (Bus Stop)

Britney: Hey ugly kid!

Balugz: Hey you, who thinks she is beautiful!

Scene 5 ( Bus Stop)

Britney: Hey Balugz! Why do you look so pale?

Balugz: I am so very hungry...There is nothing to eat in the house.

Britney: Come with me to the mall and I will buy you a burger.

Balugz: Really?

Scene 6 ( Mall)

Britney: There Balugz, Go on eat.

Balugz: Thank you Britney. It's the first time I will get to eat something like this. It looks delicious.

Britney: It is delicious. Next time I will buy you a hotdog.

Balugz: I didn't know that you are nice.

Britney: As long as you won't abuse my kidness.

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