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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

That Old Meeting Place Episode 5

Scene 1 ( Room)

Sweetie Pie: Honey I'm back.

Senora Scarleta: Honey I missed you.

Thalia: Papa !Papa !

Sweetie Pie: Where is your twin, Britney?

Senora Scarleta: She is playing outside she will be back soon.

Sweetie Pie: I have lots of gifts for the two of you.

Thalia: Wow!

Sweetie Pie: Have you been a good girl?

Thalia: Yes Papa.

Senora Scarleta: Oh honey I am going to tell you something about that girl.

Thalia: Mommy please...

Scene 2 ( Living Room)

Thalia : Britney where were you?

Britney: Err...

Thalia : Papa has come home a while ago.

Britney: Really?

Britney: ( To herself) Should I tell her that I was with Balugz?

Thalia: He got us so many dolls!

Britney: Really?

Thalia: Let's go check!

Britney: Yeah let's see.

Scene 3( Dining Room)

Sweetie Pie: Honey pie...

Senora Scarleta: Yes Sweetie pie?

Sweetie Pie: Were you able to save any money from all that I sent you?

Senora Scarleta: Err...honey pie didn't you tell me that I can spend as much as I want?

Sweetie Pie: Yeah I did tell you that....I was only asking....

Senora Scarleta: Is there a problem Sweetie Pie?

Sweetie Pie: No, no problem at all.

Senora Scarleta: How is your work by the way?

Sweetie Pie: Er....Work is going well....

Senora Scarleta: I love you honey pie.

Sweetie Scarleta: Errr, I love you too....

Scene 4 (bedroom)

Britney: (to herself) Thalia will laugh at me if she knows that I have befriended Balugz.
But he was really fun to be with. It makes me laugh every time I think of him. Hihihi.

Scene 5 (living room)

Britney : Balugz might be waiting for you. Go and meet with him while mommy is gone.
I will take care of it.

Thalia: Really Britney? Oh thank you very much!

Britney: Go before I change my mind.

Thalia: Okay, thank you!

Scene 6 (bus stop)

Thalia: Thank you for the flowers Balugz. They are really very beautiful.

Balugz: Those are from mother. She told me you two have met.

Thalia: Yeah we did. I saw her fighting with someone.

Balugz: My poor mother. She is all I have.
I am so glad you are able to come.

Thalia: I was able to get away. Britney did tell on me.

Balugz: I am scared for you Thalia. You might get a beating because of me.

Thalia: Do not worry I will take care of it.

Scene 7 (living room)

Sweetie Pie: My daughter, I know you are the strong one in the family...

Britney: Why papa what is the matter?

Sweetie Pie: I cannot tell your mother. She will not be able to understand.

Britney: Oh, why papa?

Sweetie Pie: My company in New York is letting go of Filipino employees. I was one of them.

Britney: What? What will happen to us now Papa?

Sweetie Pie: That's why. We didn't save a single penny and we have a huge credit
on credit cards. We have to sell the house!

Britney: Have we become poor papa? What will my friends say?

Sweetie Pie: Do not cry my daughter. I rely on you to be the strongest amongst the three
of you.

Sweetie Pie: I understand Papa...but still....we are poor now !!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

That Old Meeting Place Episode 4

Scene 1 ( Room)

Senora Scarleta: My daughter Thalia, I am so disappointed in you. You have disobeyed me.

Thalia : But mommy...

Senora Scarleta: Of all people it was my friend Paquita who saw you! She is very gossipy! She will tell all my friends that we are mixing with poor people.

Thalia: But mommy I want him to be my friend.

Senora Scarleta: No, my daughter. Because of what you did you are grounded and will stay grounded until you realize that I am right.

Thalia: Yes mommy. ( to herself) I will miss Balugz.

Scene 2 ( Garden)

Britney: Poor Thalia, even if I didn't tell mommy about her seeing Balugz , mommy's friend did.
Balugz might be waiting for her. I feel so sorry for Thalia. Should I come see Balugz and tell him? But I don't want to come near that boy. Let's see.

Scene 3 (Room)

Aunti Icy: Thalia, please try to understand your mommy. She is only thinking of your own good.

Thalia: Auntie, I don't understand what is wrong with becoming friends with Balugz.

Aunt Icy: We don't know him. You might get into trouble.

Thalia: He is a nice boy Auntie. If you want, I can introduce you to him.

Aunt Icy: That would be a good idea. Let's do that.

Thalia: Really Auntie? You are really very nice Auntie.

Aunt Icy: I just want you to be happy all the time.

Scene 4 ( Bus Stop)

Britney: Hey boy!

Balugz: Hey Matutina!

Scene 5 (Bus Stop)

Britney: Hey ugly kid!

Balugz: Hey you, who thinks she is beautiful!

Scene 5 ( Bus Stop)

Britney: Hey Balugz! Why do you look so pale?

Balugz: I am so very hungry...There is nothing to eat in the house.

Britney: Come with me to the mall and I will buy you a burger.

Balugz: Really?

Scene 6 ( Mall)

Britney: There Balugz, Go on eat.

Balugz: Thank you Britney. It's the first time I will get to eat something like this. It looks delicious.

Britney: It is delicious. Next time I will buy you a hotdog.

Balugz: I didn't know that you are nice.

Britney: As long as you won't abuse my kidness.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

That Old Meeting Place Episode 3

Scene 1 ( Bus Stop)

Britney: Thalia you never play with me anymore. You are always with Balugz!

Thalia: No Thalia...

Britney: Our friends are laughing a
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t me! It's so humiliating! He doesn't belong in our society!

Thalia: Britney don't be like that. He doesn't have father. I pity him.

Britney: I don't care! You should be grateful I didn't tell mother about you playing with him.

Thalia: I forgot to thank you Britney.

Britney : Just stop seeing him!

Scene 2 (Paquita's room)

Paquita: ( To herself) I should become closer to Scarleta . So I can take advantage of her. But how? Aha! My son Chiquito ! I will make him befriend Scarleta's daughter Thalia. They should become close.

Scene 3 ( Park)

Katarina : ( Selling flowers)

Paquita: (enters) Hey you woman! Tell your ugly son to leave Thalia alone.

Katarina: Why? And who are you to tell me that.

Paquita : Look at your self Katarina. You don't belong to the likes of us!

Katarina: I know your secrets Paquita!

(Paquita pulls Katarina's hair and Katarina hit Paquita with a flower.) (Exits Paquita enter Thalia.)

Thalia : Ma'am are you okay?

Katarina: Yes dear I am okay.

Thalia: I saw that woman fighting with you.

Katarina: Don't worry I am okay. You are Thalia aren't you? My son's friends?

Thalia: Yes ma'am I am.

Katarina: You are beautiful as Balugz had said.

Thalia: Oh thank you ma'am.

Scene 4 ( Bus Stop)

Paquita: Hey kid you are Thalia, are you not? Scarleta's daughter?

Thalia: Yes ma'am I am.

Paquita: Why are you playing with that ugly child. By the way this is my son Chiquito. Say hi to Thalia son.

Chiquito: Hi Thalia...

Thalia: Hi Chiquito...

Paquita: (to herself) I will tel Scarleta about this.

Thalia: ( To herself) Oh no.

Balugz: (to himself) Oh no. Thalia is in trouble again because of me.

Paquita: Thalia come with us, we are on our way to your house.

Thalia: Bye Balugz. Take care.

Balugz: Bye Thalia.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Episode 2 Ang Dating Tagpuan (That Old Meeting Place)

Scene 1 ( bus stop)

Britney : You are playing with this ugly kid?
Thalia: Britney !!! Britney please don't tell mother...
Britney: Hmmm. Wait..wait I will think about it. Let's go home.
Balugz : Sorry Thalia. It seems you got into trouble because of me.
Britney: C'mon Let's go!
Thalia: Balugz I am sorry...I will have to go.
Balugz: Okay.. I hope I'll see you again...
Britney: C'mon let's go!
Thalia: Don't worry we'll meet again.
Balugz: Poor Thalia.

Scene 2 (Splash)

Paquita: Scarleta where is your husband? I don't get to see him.
Scarleta: Oh Paquita, he's so busy with work abroad. I myself don't get to see him.
Paquita: That's why you are so rich. You are always shopping.
Scarleta: Very rich.
Paquita: (to her self) She really seems to be rich. I can use her for my purpose. But she must not know that...
Scarleta : Why have you gone quiet?
Paquita: I was also thinking of my husband. He is so busy with work also.
Scarleta: Oh great! We are both rich! Let's blow our money in shopping!
Paquita: Our husband slave away while we spend their money!
Scarleta: My husband's said whatever he sends its for me and my daughters to spend!

Scene 3 ( Beach)

Katarina: Mark...Mark where are you? You said you'll come back. Balugz is already 12 years and still you are not here. Mark I cannot live without you. My poor son.

Scene 5 ( Balugz' Room)

Balugz : I wonder where is mother? I am sure there will be no food around here again. I am so hungry already. I hope Thalia won't get a spanking because of me.She is the only who is nice to me. Oh, where is my father?

Scene 6 ( Thalia's Room)

Thalia: I don't understand what is ugly about Balugz. He is nice and I am happy in his company. I wanna be friends with him still.

Scene 6 ( Britney's Room)

Britney : I envy them. They seem to be having a good time together. But I really find him ugly. He grosses me out. Should I tell mother?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ang Dating Tagpuan (That Old Meeting Place) Episode 1

Blog Video Series English Translation

Scene 1 (Bus stop)

Balugz: I wonder who is my father... Why don't I

have father? Mother won't tell me.

Thalia and Britney: What is that! such an ugly and

dirty looking kid! You looked burnt!

Britney: Hey kid,why are you so ugly?

Thalia: where did you came from? Volcano? Did the

volcano spit you out?

Senora Scarleta: Oh my dear daughters why are

you talking to this poor ugly child? Didn't I told you

to stay away from poor people? The two of you go

home right now!

Scene 2 (Room)

Senora Scarleta: My dear children listen to me.

Thalia and Britney: Yes mommy?

Senora Scarleta: My daugthers you knew that we

have royal blood flowing in our viens...

Britney: I know that very much mommy.

Senora Scarleta: We should not be contaminated

with ugliness so avoid mixing with poor ugly

people. We should only socialize with people like us.

You must heed my warning or you'll regret it

dearly. Understand?

Thalia and Britney: Yes mommy.

Scene 3 (Bus stop)

Thalia: I am so sorry Balugz, I didn't mean to tease

you and call you names. I only got carried away

because of my sister. I really don't find you ugly at

all. I apologize in behalf of my mother and sister.

Balugz: It's okay.

Thalia: Why do you look so sad?

Balugz: Because I don't have a father.

Thalia: Why, where is he?

Balugz: I don't know.

Thalia: Oh, I feel sorry for you.

Balugz: Thanks.

Thalia: I have to go for now okay? Mother might see

me talking to you.

Balugz: You take care...

Thalia: You take care also... Let's meet again okay?

Balugz: Bye.

Thalia: Bye. I'll see you tomorrow.

Scene 4 (Bus stop/ Beach/ Arcade)

Britney: ( I will tell mother about this! )

Scene 5 (Bus stop)

Britney: Thalia! What's the meaning of this ?