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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

That Old Meeting Place Episode 5

Scene 1 ( Room)

Sweetie Pie: Honey I'm back.

Senora Scarleta: Honey I missed you.

Thalia: Papa !Papa !

Sweetie Pie: Where is your twin, Britney?

Senora Scarleta: She is playing outside she will be back soon.

Sweetie Pie: I have lots of gifts for the two of you.

Thalia: Wow!

Sweetie Pie: Have you been a good girl?

Thalia: Yes Papa.

Senora Scarleta: Oh honey I am going to tell you something about that girl.

Thalia: Mommy please...

Scene 2 ( Living Room)

Thalia : Britney where were you?

Britney: Err...

Thalia : Papa has come home a while ago.

Britney: Really?

Britney: ( To herself) Should I tell her that I was with Balugz?

Thalia: He got us so many dolls!

Britney: Really?

Thalia: Let's go check!

Britney: Yeah let's see.

Scene 3( Dining Room)

Sweetie Pie: Honey pie...

Senora Scarleta: Yes Sweetie pie?

Sweetie Pie: Were you able to save any money from all that I sent you?

Senora Scarleta: Err...honey pie didn't you tell me that I can spend as much as I want?

Sweetie Pie: Yeah I did tell you that....I was only asking....

Senora Scarleta: Is there a problem Sweetie Pie?

Sweetie Pie: No, no problem at all.

Senora Scarleta: How is your work by the way?

Sweetie Pie: Er....Work is going well....

Senora Scarleta: I love you honey pie.

Sweetie Scarleta: Errr, I love you too....

Scene 4 (bedroom)

Britney: (to herself) Thalia will laugh at me if she knows that I have befriended Balugz.
But he was really fun to be with. It makes me laugh every time I think of him. Hihihi.

Scene 5 (living room)

Britney : Balugz might be waiting for you. Go and meet with him while mommy is gone.
I will take care of it.

Thalia: Really Britney? Oh thank you very much!

Britney: Go before I change my mind.

Thalia: Okay, thank you!

Scene 6 (bus stop)

Thalia: Thank you for the flowers Balugz. They are really very beautiful.

Balugz: Those are from mother. She told me you two have met.

Thalia: Yeah we did. I saw her fighting with someone.

Balugz: My poor mother. She is all I have.
I am so glad you are able to come.

Thalia: I was able to get away. Britney did tell on me.

Balugz: I am scared for you Thalia. You might get a beating because of me.

Thalia: Do not worry I will take care of it.

Scene 7 (living room)

Sweetie Pie: My daughter, I know you are the strong one in the family...

Britney: Why papa what is the matter?

Sweetie Pie: I cannot tell your mother. She will not be able to understand.

Britney: Oh, why papa?

Sweetie Pie: My company in New York is letting go of Filipino employees. I was one of them.

Britney: What? What will happen to us now Papa?

Sweetie Pie: That's why. We didn't save a single penny and we have a huge credit
on credit cards. We have to sell the house!

Britney: Have we become poor papa? What will my friends say?

Sweetie Pie: Do not cry my daughter. I rely on you to be the strongest amongst the three
of you.

Sweetie Pie: I understand Papa...but still....we are poor now !!!!