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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Episode 2 Ang Dating Tagpuan (That Old Meeting Place)

Scene 1 ( bus stop)

Britney : You are playing with this ugly kid?
Thalia: Britney !!! Britney please don't tell mother...
Britney: Hmmm. Wait..wait I will think about it. Let's go home.
Balugz : Sorry Thalia. It seems you got into trouble because of me.
Britney: C'mon Let's go!
Thalia: Balugz I am sorry...I will have to go.
Balugz: Okay.. I hope I'll see you again...
Britney: C'mon let's go!
Thalia: Don't worry we'll meet again.
Balugz: Poor Thalia.

Scene 2 (Splash)

Paquita: Scarleta where is your husband? I don't get to see him.
Scarleta: Oh Paquita, he's so busy with work abroad. I myself don't get to see him.
Paquita: That's why you are so rich. You are always shopping.
Scarleta: Very rich.
Paquita: (to her self) She really seems to be rich. I can use her for my purpose. But she must not know that...
Scarleta : Why have you gone quiet?
Paquita: I was also thinking of my husband. He is so busy with work also.
Scarleta: Oh great! We are both rich! Let's blow our money in shopping!
Paquita: Our husband slave away while we spend their money!
Scarleta: My husband's said whatever he sends its for me and my daughters to spend!

Scene 3 ( Beach)

Katarina: Mark...Mark where are you? You said you'll come back. Balugz is already 12 years and still you are not here. Mark I cannot live without you. My poor son.

Scene 5 ( Balugz' Room)

Balugz : I wonder where is mother? I am sure there will be no food around here again. I am so hungry already. I hope Thalia won't get a spanking because of me.She is the only who is nice to me. Oh, where is my father?

Scene 6 ( Thalia's Room)

Thalia: I don't understand what is ugly about Balugz. He is nice and I am happy in his company. I wanna be friends with him still.

Scene 6 ( Britney's Room)

Britney : I envy them. They seem to be having a good time together. But I really find him ugly. He grosses me out. Should I tell mother?

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