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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

That Old Meeting Place Episode 3

Scene 1 ( Bus Stop)

Britney: Thalia you never play with me anymore. You are always with Balugz!

Thalia: No Thalia...

Britney: Our friends are laughing a
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t me! It's so humiliating! He doesn't belong in our society!

Thalia: Britney don't be like that. He doesn't have father. I pity him.

Britney: I don't care! You should be grateful I didn't tell mother about you playing with him.

Thalia: I forgot to thank you Britney.

Britney : Just stop seeing him!

Scene 2 (Paquita's room)

Paquita: ( To herself) I should become closer to Scarleta . So I can take advantage of her. But how? Aha! My son Chiquito ! I will make him befriend Scarleta's daughter Thalia. They should become close.

Scene 3 ( Park)

Katarina : ( Selling flowers)

Paquita: (enters) Hey you woman! Tell your ugly son to leave Thalia alone.

Katarina: Why? And who are you to tell me that.

Paquita : Look at your self Katarina. You don't belong to the likes of us!

Katarina: I know your secrets Paquita!

(Paquita pulls Katarina's hair and Katarina hit Paquita with a flower.) (Exits Paquita enter Thalia.)

Thalia : Ma'am are you okay?

Katarina: Yes dear I am okay.

Thalia: I saw that woman fighting with you.

Katarina: Don't worry I am okay. You are Thalia aren't you? My son's friends?

Thalia: Yes ma'am I am.

Katarina: You are beautiful as Balugz had said.

Thalia: Oh thank you ma'am.

Scene 4 ( Bus Stop)

Paquita: Hey kid you are Thalia, are you not? Scarleta's daughter?

Thalia: Yes ma'am I am.

Paquita: Why are you playing with that ugly child. By the way this is my son Chiquito. Say hi to Thalia son.

Chiquito: Hi Thalia...

Thalia: Hi Chiquito...

Paquita: (to herself) I will tel Scarleta about this.

Thalia: ( To herself) Oh no.

Balugz: (to himself) Oh no. Thalia is in trouble again because of me.

Paquita: Thalia come with us, we are on our way to your house.

Thalia: Bye Balugz. Take care.

Balugz: Bye Thalia.

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