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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ang Dating Tagpuan (That Old Meeting Place) Episode 1

Blog Video Series English Translation

Scene 1 (Bus stop)

Balugz: I wonder who is my father... Why don't I

have father? Mother won't tell me.

Thalia and Britney: What is that! such an ugly and

dirty looking kid! You looked burnt!

Britney: Hey kid,why are you so ugly?

Thalia: where did you came from? Volcano? Did the

volcano spit you out?

Senora Scarleta: Oh my dear daughters why are

you talking to this poor ugly child? Didn't I told you

to stay away from poor people? The two of you go

home right now!

Scene 2 (Room)

Senora Scarleta: My dear children listen to me.

Thalia and Britney: Yes mommy?

Senora Scarleta: My daugthers you knew that we

have royal blood flowing in our viens...

Britney: I know that very much mommy.

Senora Scarleta: We should not be contaminated

with ugliness so avoid mixing with poor ugly

people. We should only socialize with people like us.

You must heed my warning or you'll regret it

dearly. Understand?

Thalia and Britney: Yes mommy.

Scene 3 (Bus stop)

Thalia: I am so sorry Balugz, I didn't mean to tease

you and call you names. I only got carried away

because of my sister. I really don't find you ugly at

all. I apologize in behalf of my mother and sister.

Balugz: It's okay.

Thalia: Why do you look so sad?

Balugz: Because I don't have a father.

Thalia: Why, where is he?

Balugz: I don't know.

Thalia: Oh, I feel sorry for you.

Balugz: Thanks.

Thalia: I have to go for now okay? Mother might see

me talking to you.

Balugz: You take care...

Thalia: You take care also... Let's meet again okay?

Balugz: Bye.

Thalia: Bye. I'll see you tomorrow.

Scene 4 (Bus stop/ Beach/ Arcade)

Britney: ( I will tell mother about this! )

Scene 5 (Bus stop)

Britney: Thalia! What's the meaning of this ?

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